Estate Planning, Trusts & Probate

Estate Planning

BGD attorneys represent clients as they make the decisions that will affect the ultimate disposition of their income and assets during illness, incapacitation or death. We have significant experience in preparing wills, financial and healthcare powers of attorney, advance health care directives, and other estate planning documents to accomplish our clients’ goals.

We strive to take an individualized approach with clients to ensure that their wishes are provided for in the handling of his or her estate. Among the many issues for which we provide our experienced counsel are: 

  • Preserving current income and assets
  • Minimizing income and transfer tax consequences 
  • Optimizing the financial benefit to present and future generations


BGD attorneys are experienced in planning, creating and implementing trusts to help clients accomplish their estate-planning goals. With all clients, we help them decide whether a trust is the right plan for them and, if so, prepare appropriate tailored documents to accomplish that plan. 

Estate Administration and Probate

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in the administration and probate of estates. We regularly advise personal representatives, trustees, fiduciaries, and other interested parties on a wide array of matters, including: 

  • Collecting estate assets, including life insurance proceeds and retirement benefit payouts
  • Accounting for estate receipts and disbursements
  • Valuing and allocating estate assets
  • Distributing estate assets to beneficiaries
  • Preparing inheritance and estate tax returns 
  • Post-mortem tax planning
  • Challenging estate administrations and distributions

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