Energy & Natural Resources

A History Rich in Coal, Oil and Gas

Indiana County has a rich history in coal, oil and gas development. Likewise, throughout its existence, Bonya Gazza & DeGory, LLP, has maintained a significant practice representing clients in the natural resources sector, including a number of oil and gas companies and coal companies. 

All attorneys at BGD devote at least a part of their practice to these areas of law.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Counseling

BGD attorneys represent oil and gas clients in various other matters, including:

  • Land and leasing issues
  • Permitting and compliance matters
  • Acquisitions and sales of oil and gas wells and properties
  • Litigation throughout Pennsylvania

Our oil and gas practice predates the tremendous surge in development of the Marcellus Shale. 

Our attorneys have continued to help oil and gas clients address new issues associated with horizontal drilling and shale gas development.

Oil and Gas Titles

BGD attorneys have extensive experience examining titles to oil and gas and issuing title opinions to clients for leasing, drilling, and acquisition purposes.

 We complete oil and gas title work throughout western and northern Pennsylvania.

Most recently, BGD attorneys have been active in certifying oil and gas titles in Greene, Washington, Allegheny, and Westmoreland Counties. We work closely with abstractors experienced in these areas.

Our attorneys often review and address difficult title issues relating to eminent domain, railroads, and areas with historic development. 

We provide guidance on the risks posed by these complex title issues and help clients limit those risks.


In our coal practice, our attorneys represent mining companies in a variety of matters, including:

  • Land and leasing issues
  • Title work
  • Permitting and compliance matters
  • Acquisitions and sales of mines and reserves
  • Litigation

Our mining clients operate both in Indiana County and in other Pennsylvania counties with coal development.

Our attorneys are attuned to the specific issues facing mining companies and coal owners today. We use our extensive coal experience to help solve our clients’ problems.

BGD also represents a number of companies that provide services to mining and exploration and production companies.

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